Silver Medal Success for St Andrews iGEM Team

Ashley Pearson
Wednesday 1 December 2021

The St Andrews iGEM Team, working on The Overproduction of Shinorine (a UV-Protecting Molecule) and its Potential Application to Probiotic Sunscreens, was awarded an iGEM Silver Medal. The Silver Medal recognises iGEM teams that have addressed the following key pillars of an iGEM project: engineering success, collaboration with other teams, and human practices

Congratulations to all St Andrews iGEM team members: 

Anna Mansson, 2nd year BSc Biology 

Shagun Dhanania, 4th year BSc Biology and Psychology

Weston Tuescher, 3rd year MSci Computer Science 

Chloe Fielding, 4th year BSc Psychology

Maia Beeson, 3rd year BSc Molecular Biology

Anna Stevenson, 5th year MChem Chemistry 

Yoricka Smolikova, 4th year BSc Biology

Julia Ashley, 2nd year BSc Molecular Biology AJ Ridley, 3rd year BSc Biology

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